Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Are Micro-Bases for Enterprising Commanders

Explore the depths of space, or run your own economy.

by Brandon Adams
Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Are Micro-Bases for Enterprising Commanders

If you’ve ever wanted to operate your own starbase in Elite Dangerous the recently added Fleet Carriers were designed with you in mind. These behemoth vessels can leap across the galaxy, and with a full suite of upgrades will serve as potent forward-operating bases.

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Fleet Carriers deployed today in Elite Dangerous, though at 5,000,000,000 credits they don’t come cheap. Each ship is individually owned, and a player can only have one at a time. A fleet carrier has 16 landing pads, and players can tweak their docking permissions as they please. The base model comes with a Commodities Market, but a fully outfitted fleet carrier can have rival most starbases.

Players hoping to exit their personal ships to explore a fleet carrier on foot will have to reel in their expectations – functionally fleet carriers are indistinguishable from existing star ports, though their mobility gives them an edge. A fleet carrier can jump 500 light-years, meaning Squadrons interested in deep space exploration will want one of these in their wing. They have to be refueled with ice asteroids, but they can top off friendly ships looking to scan adjacent systems.

For more information be sure to check out the announcement page over on Elite Dangerous’ webpage. Fleet Carriers are just one portion of Elite Dangerous’ Beyond season, which will round out 2020 until the boots-on-the-ground Odyssey expansion arrives next year.

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