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Ewoks Are In Star Wars Battlefront And Missions May Provide More Maps

by Damian Seeto


DICE has confirmed that ewoks will be roaming around the Endor map in the new Star Wars Battlefront.

When the first Star Wars Battlefront trailer hit back in April, the famous Endor battle from Return of the Jedi was shown. However, we only saw human Rebel soldiers and the Empire’s stormtroopers and vehicles. People were wondering if the little ewoks are in the game.

Star Wars Battlefront’s community manager, Matthew Everett, said on Reddit:

Ewoks are 100% in the game“.

It remains to be seen if the ewoks are actually playable in the new Star Wars Battlefront game. In Battlefront 2, they were roaming around and you could shoot at them if you were playing as the Empire.

Everett also explained on Reddit the variety of maps that will be in Star Wars Battlefront. He said the maps will offer “a nice mix of locations and environments“. Several new games modes and maps will all be revealed in the next coming weeks.

Everett also mentioned the game has 12 multiplayer maps. We know this already, but mission maps might be different. He said there might be more than 12 maps if “you include missions“. The missions may provide a different layout to multiplayer maps.

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