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Expect A Variety Of Persona-Focused Projects From Atlus In The Future

Has both mid and long-term plans, including numbered title(s).

by Jelani James


Can’t get enough of the Persona franchise? Well, it seems Atlus can’t either, as the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation has revealed that the company has a variety of plans for the series that fans can look forward to.

This information was shared by Kazuhisa Wada, producer of the upcoming Persona Dancing games, via an interview. Here is some of what he had to share:

  • Persona Q2 is in “earnest” development.
  • The development team is in the midst of both mid and long-term plans, including numbered title(s), so fans will be able to constantly enjoy the the Persona series starting next year.
  • The team is currently working on collaboration projects
  • Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night will receive DLC until August. Furthermore, free DLC will be released every week.

Some of what Wada shared here is rather interesting.

We already knew about Persona Q2, but it’s nice to hear that development is actually moving along. We still know nothing about it, unfortunately. On a related note, free DLC for the two upcoming dancing games isn’t necessarily monumental, but it at least shows that Atlus isn’t going to try and bleed its fans dry with a spin-off game.

Meanwhile, one has to wonder what sort of collaboration projects Atlus has in store for us. We already know there’s one with Granblue Fantasy that is due to arrive in June, but the language used in the interview suggests there are others as well.

Lastly, what do these mid and long-term plans allude to? As you might recall, Atlus registered a slew of Persona domains last year, many of which had “3” or “5” in them. We already know some of these relate to the dancing games and Q2, but most are still unaccounted for among Atlus’ currently known projects. Can we look forward to further spin-off titles, a remaster or even a new entry?

At this point, fans are probably fine with anything…so long as the quality is up to par. Of course, Atlus giving more details about what to expect in the future would be good too.

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