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Extinction – Are Aliens a good idea for Call of Duty Ghosts?

by William Schwartz


So it has been ‘leaked’ recently that Call of Duty Ghosts will feature an ‘Extinction’ mode, which appears to involve aliens. 11 pictures of the new game mode can be found by clicking the link above, which are taken from off-screen by a camera rather than official screenshots.

[Update: Since posting this, an official reveal trailer for Extinction has been uploaded to the Call of Duty YouTube. The original story continues below. ]

Call of Duty’s official Instagram posted a teaser trailer, consisting of only a few seconds, as well. It’s therefore unsure if Infinity Ward’s hand was forced by the accidental leak or whether they had always intended to reveal that teaser yesterday. There have also been accusations that the leaks weren’t accidental, but were an internal attempt to create viral interest.

But are aliens a good idea for Call of Duty Ghosts? Is it a sensible idea to include them?

It seems that Extinction will be a survival mode similar to Call of Duty Zombies. It looks like Infinity Ward are trying to rival Treyarch’s long-standing epic series, not content with just the Safeguard survival mode of Ghosts. To this day I still know people who buy Call of Duty every other year almost purely for the Zombies modes, so it’s no wonder IW want to replicate it. But does this warrant adding aliens into the yearly First Person Shooter?

Call of Duty is regularly scrutinized for not being realistic enough by gamers that prefer realism, such as Battlefield fans. Additionally, CoD fans used to have a fierce rivalry during my adolescence with Halo fans. The stick that they used to beat Halo fans with was that Halo wasn’t realistic enough. Is the inclusion of aliens a step in the wrong direction for Call of Duty then? Personally, I welcome them because Extinction could be truly enthralling if it’s similar to Zombies. They have the potential to add an entirely new challenge of gameplay. Equally I can understand the concerns that I’ve mentioned.

Give us your opinions on the matter in the comments section below. Are aliens a good or bad inclusion? Or do we need to wait and see? My preorder has been made, has yours?

- This article was updated on:November 30th, 2013

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