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Extinction Explains Story and Combat in an Impressive New Trailer

by Jose Belmonte


The release of Extinction is only a couple of months away, so developer Iron Galaxy have decided to start explaining the most important features of the game through an extensive new trailer that covers all the bases. The game is the studio’s biggest production to date, and that is very noticeable in the gameplay footage, which features expansive scenarios and impressive action segments, with the main character performing spectacular moves.

The developers tell in the video that the world of Extinction has always been at war. Specifically, humans have always fought with each other. But now a greater evil has appeared, and the only hope is Avil, member of an ancient group of warriors called Sentinels, and who have the power to face the giant enemies that are desolating the world.

These huge orcs are known as Ravenii, and players need to kill off some of its regular-size minions before attempting to take down one of the big ones. These kind of encounters with huge enemies don’t feel like a novelty anymore, but the team seems confident they can make them feel unique thanks to the gameplay mechanics. They should know how to do this, as previous developments from Iron Galaxy include Killer Instinct.

The visual design of the game seems to take inspiration by animated films, which makes even the violent and bloody combats stand out for their beauty. The game already received a cinematic trailer when it was announced last year.

Extinction launches on April 10 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Watch the new trailer below.

EXTINCTION – Features Trailer

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