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Fallout 4 Official Reveal Trailer Released by Bethesda

by Kyle Hanson


The wait may have been long, especially the last 24 hours thanks to that damn ticking clock, but Fallout 4 is finally here. A little bit of info leaked ahead of schedule, but now the timer is up and the world has had their first good look at Bethesda’s latest. The trailer, which you can see below, hit at 10am Eastern Time.

The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, though the footage appears to be in-engine, instead focusing on showing off the world players will get to check out in this new game. There seems to be a heavier emphasis on the backstory of the world of Fallout, showing life before the apocalypse that set the world on fire years before the games take place. It mainly follows a dog as he wanders the wasteland, encountering various remnants of the past. The vaults will, of course, make a return, with Vault 111 seemingly being the home of the main character. And the Brotherhood of Steel also makes a return this time around.

In a press release Fallout 4 Game Director Todd Howard said “We know what this game means to everyone. The time and technology have allowed us to be more ambitious than ever. We’ve never been more excited about a game, and we can’t wait to share it.”

Fallout 4 Reveal Trailer

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