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Fallout 4 Will Support Many Different Play Styles and Have Multiple Romantic Options

by Kyle Hanson


RPGs, and Bethesda games specifically, are all about choice. Where will you go, what will you do, and how will you do it, are questions that are always on the mind of an Elder Scrolls or Fallout player. With Fallout 4 coming out in November, those questions are being raised once again, and the answer seems to be, “wherever, whatever, and however you want”.

In an interview with The Guardian, Bethesda VP and Fallout 4 Director Todd Howard spoke about a lot of the details on the upcoming game. One part that stuck out was when he was asked about the ability of players to get through the game without killing enemies.

This more passive, but still extremely tense style of stealthy play has been a favorite of Bethesda fans, with Skyrim and other previous games offering the ability to play without killing, sometimes at all. But will Fallout 4 be the same?

“You can avoid [killing] a lot,” says Howard. “I can’t tell you that you can play the whole game without violence – that’s not necessarily a goal of ours – but we want to support different play styles as much as we can.”

The interview goes over much more, so click here to check out everything, including the romantic options in the game, which there will apparently be many of.

Fallout 4 will be released on November 11th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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