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Fallout 76 Getting Wastelanders Expansion, Nuclear Winter Battle Royale Mode

Players of Fallout 76 have some new things to look forward to.

by Dylan Siegler


Last year, Fallout 76 was released and got off to a rocky start. However, it seems that Bethesda wants to work to rectify its missteps, as it plans to release a large, new expansion, as well as a battle royale mode, to the game this year.

Announced at Bethesda’s E3 2019 presentationFallout 76 will be receiving a new expansion called “Wastelanders” later this year, which will be the game’s biggest expansion yet and will “fundamentally change the game.” This expansion will add a new main quest to the game that will include human NPCs and branching dialogue choices that will result in a variety of consequences for the player. Of course, this expansion will also bring new weapons and gear to the game. The “Wastelanders” expansion is coming this fall and will be free.

Also revealed was a new mode coming to Fallout 76 called Nuclear Winter, which will be a 52-player battle royale mode with exclusive leveling-up perks. A “sneak peek” at this new mode will be revealed tomorrow, June 10, and like the “Wastelanders” expansion, the Nuclear Winter mode will be free to all players.

Lastly, it was revealed that Fallout 76 will have a free trial period from June 10 to June 17 to hopefully introduce new players to the game.

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