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Fallout: New Vegas Modders Have Crafted a Massive Expansion

The mod takes players to the snowy wastes of Portland, Oregon.

by Shawn Robinson


It’s hard to miss the legacy of Fallout: New Vegas, highly regarded as one of the greatest Fallout games to ever release. The team at Obsidian Entertainment had little time to put it together but pulled off something fantastic. With all the love having poured out for the title, it’s understandable that many would mod the game extensively. To this extent though, no one could’ve seen coming. Fallout: The Frontier, a massive expansion mod for Fallout: New Vegas, has officially released! You can check out the release trailer for the expansion below.

Fallout: The Frontier takes players to the frozen wasteland of Portal, Oregon, taking place at the same time as the base game’s DLCs. Once again, you’re thrust into the shoes of The Courier, the protagonist from the game and said DLCs. You aren’t alone in these wastes though, as three factions vie for power. On one end, you have the northern branch of Caesar’s Legion, another being a group of exiled New California Republic forces. And finally, a group of Brotherhood of Steel members much different than those you’ve encountered before. Depending on who you choose to side with, your experience will vary drastically adding many new hours of content.

Before you jump in and download this titan of a mod, you should be aware of two things. On one hand, the mod is a staggering 27GB in size, so be ready for a rather large download. On the other hand though, the sheer complexity of the mod conflicts with various other mods in the community. If you’re an avid modder of the game, keep this spreadsheet in mind. It’ll save you a lot of hassle down the line.

For those interested in downloading Fallout: The Frontier, you can download it from its official site on NexusMods. It’s worth noting though that, at the time of writing, NexusMods appears to be down for one reason or another. If you’re going to hop in and enjoy all it has to offer though, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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