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Fallout Shelter Update 1.5 Adds 3D Touch, Scrapping And More

by Mike Guarino


Fallout Shelter continues to be extremely successful for Bethesda, and now they have released another big update that adds some big new features to the popular mobile game.

Update 1.5 comes packed with 3D Touch for those who are playing it on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. This feature allows you to load directly into any of your vaults straight from the app icon, rather than having to go through the menu first.

The next big feature is available to everyone, and that is a new mechanic called Scrapping. Scrapping allows you to take unwanted items and turn them into junk, which can then be utilized to craft something later one.

Rounding out the update are smaller things like new civilian outfits, as well as a barbershop update that brings new options like making vault dwellers look like ghosts.

Fallout Shelter is available now for iOS and Android.

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