Far Cry 5 is Rumored to Have a Western Setting and Release This September

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Far Cry 5 might have an entirely new setting if a new rumor with corroborating evidence are to be believed.  Users on Reddit have put the pieces together on what could very well be Far Cry 5 set in the Wild West.

Here’s the evidence thus far:  Ubisoft has filmed a live action trailer in Montana for a game, by the same director who did the Far Cry Primal Trailer. A local news organization got some details about what the filming was for, but they did not nail down a game it was to be associated with.  The report did say that it was for an “established franchise.”

While that could be a lot of things, there’s other evidence that point towards Far Cry being this franchise.  Ubisoft interviewed residents of Montana about this upcoming game, and a 2015 survey in which Ubisoft polled fans about future Far Cry settings had listed a Western Theme as an option.

Ubisoft also deviated from the core formula of Far Cry and it’s tropical setting with Far Cry Primal last year, and we could very well see them doing that again if this rumor shapes up to be fact.

Far Cry rumors started last week when the Facebook page for the game decided to post a picture from Far Cry 3, leading people to think that they may be remastering one of the best games in the series.  Ubisoft quickly shot down those rumors, saying it was a “throwback post”… whatever that is.

Regardless, if Ubisoft is releasing Far Cry 5 or Far Cry: Something later this year, we’ll likley be hearing about it in very short order.  E3 2017 is just around the corner being about a month away.  If the next Far Cry game is to be a Western, fans of the theme will have multiple Westerns to choose from this year, assuming that Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t being delayed. 

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