Far Cry 6 Emails Players Who Stop Playing

Anton Castillo might reach you in a couple of days.

by Carlos Hurtado

Some players have been getting emails from Far Cry 6 favorite antagonist. Many of them have taken it the wrong way about the “threatening” emails while others were having fun with the clever attempt to make players go back to Yara.

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Far Cry 6 stars, Giancarlo Esposito, as Anton Castillo. The powerful and ruthless dictator of Yara, a wonderful island stuck in time. The Ubisoft franchise managed to merge his impressive acting skills and setting to make an intimidating antagonist deserving of the players’ hate and respect. Far Cry 6 got a 76/100 on Metacritic, and fans of the franchise were happy about the new setting and fun gadgets, but Ubisoft is employing a clever but somewhat invasive tactic to bring players back to Castillo’s reign.

Yesterday, Brendan Sinclair (a Managing Editor for GamesIndustry.biz) tweeted about how some games are “hassling players if they dare to stop playing them” while sharing some screenshots of emails from Far Cry 6 with some encouraging messages prompting players to go back to the Ubisoft title.


A good number of players are against this type of practice, saying that companies should let players alone if they don’t want to keep playing their games, this may look like a harsh tactic to entice players to go back and play the game, but other media have employed similar tactics like this. Some players were amused by getting Castillo’s intimidating messages in their email inboxes. They are customizing each message using in-game stats like personal names and time spent playing the game. Players are split by these messages, but at least some of them find it funny.

Many players may think this is something new, but this practice has been a standard in many other industries. This is one of the many ways companies try to make customers go back to using their products or services. This tactic works for many businesses, and this might be the first time Ubisoft employs it in one of their products. So don’t be surprised if you find a teasing email from your favorite Far Cry 6 villain.

This may become a common practice for triple-A titles, but it will likely depend on how the majority of players react to these messages. If it does become standard, it should at least give the option to stop receiving that kind of message from the developers. If you are looking for more Far Cry 6 content, go and read the latest update patch notes.

Far Cry 6 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.