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FatShark Celebrates Vermintide 2 With a Week of Streaming

Catch Fatshark on stream all next week as they talk about Winds of Magic

by Jordan Kamm


Yesterday FatShark Games announced their new Expansion for Vermintide 2, The Winds of Magic. This also corresponds with the one year release of Vermintide 2. In honor of celebrating the success the game has had, and to celebrate the future direction of the game, FatShark will be having a week of streams on Twitch. Over the course of this week they’ll go in depth about various aspects of the game, the Warhammer world, and have more announcements about the upcoming Winds of Magic expansion. They are adamant about calling it an expansion and not just routine dlc.

FatShark CEO Martin Wahlund will kick things off on Monday, and from there each day will be focused on a different aspect of the game and expansion, with different people from all around the company coming in to talk. One example mentioned was Wednesday will be the Warhammer Lore day. FatShark will have their resident lore master come in an give a deeper explanation into the Winds of Magic themselves and The Beastmen Faction. Other days will be addressing the new game mode, and how it is actually played. One day will be talking about the possible types of Beastmen that could be added. And, a lot of it will just be the devs hanging out playing some Vermintide with the community as the like to do.

In additional news, FatShark has announced a new feature for Vermintide 2, which is Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders. This is a way to purchase specific cosmetic items with a currency that is earned through weekly challenges and events. They made it very clear that this will not be microtransactions. You cannot use real world money to purchase these items. More information about this will be given out over the course of next week’s stream events.

You can tune in to the event on Twitch here.

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