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Vermintide 2 DLC: Winds of Magic

DLC adds new enemy faction: The Beastmen

by Jordan Kamm


Fatshark has just announced the details for the newest Vermintide 2 DLC, Called The winds of magic. This will be a much larger dlc than previously, adding quite a few new interesting elements to the game. Firstly, there will be an entire new race of enemies added. The Beastmen. Horrible Goat-like people who worship the Chaos Gods. While we’re not entirely sure what they’ll be bringing to the game, we can hope that it’ll be a different challenge from the swarming hordes and sneaky specials of the Skaven, and the armoured warriors and blighted wizards of the RotBloods.

Next, will be a whole new game mode, called the Winds of Magic. Rather than more standard adventure levels this will be an endless challenge mode with increasing difficulty after each round. The catch is that each challenge will be based off of one of the 8 Winds of Magic in the Warhammer world. These winds or weaves are the different magical currents that flow across the world. Wizards atune themselves to a particular weave to harness their energy, and cast spells.

The Winds of Magic are:

  • Hysh-the white winds of light
  • Azyr-the blue winds of skies
  • Chamon-the yellow winds of metal
  • Ghyran-the green winds of life
  • Ghur-the brown winds of beasts
  • Aqshy-the red winds of fire (this one may already be familiar to Sienna players)
  • Ulgu-the grey winds of shadow
  • Shyish-the purple winds of death

There are already some challenge modes in the game, like the Deeds systems and event challenges that adds modifiers to a map to make it more difficult for better reward. The modifiers added by each winds however, might be something more all encompassing. The Grey winds of Shadow might enshroud the level in darkness, requiring a small torch to guide you through. or The Red winds of Fire, might flood the level in fire requiring a deliberate path so not to get burned. The Brown winds of Beasts will have a very likely connection to the new Beastmen race being added.

In addition to these major additions there will be several small things that come with every new dlc. A new Weapon will be given to each Hero, hopefully something thematic to the Winds of Magic, or Beastmen. A higher difficulty level for the base game, and raised level cap, we still aren’t sure what the level will be raised to but we can presume with the cap being raised more class skills will be added. There will also be a short introductory level to the Winds of Magic.

We can also assume more cosmetic options, like clothing and frames, more of Okri’s challenges based on the new dlc, and more keep portraits will all be added to round out the dlc.

If you are interested, the steam page for the expansion is now up.

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