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FIFA 22 Gameplay Reveal: Pros Showcase New Hypermotion Technology and Features

The first full look at the game's versus mode

by Franklin Bellone Borges


EA Sports revealed a new gameplay of the upcoming FIFA 22, this time featuring a match between Pro superstars Fnatic Tekkz and Hashtag Tom. The video not only featured the full match between the players, but also a talk with the game’s producer Sam Rivera and its gameplay developer Kantcho Doskov where they revealed more about the game’s new Hypermotion technology. Here’s a summary of everything revealed during the game’s first full-match next-gen gameplay.

Goalkeepers, Now Better than Ever

Between all the new additions, Fnatic Tekkz made sure to point out the improvements in the upcoming game’s goalkeepers when compared to the latest releases in the series. In this aspect, Rivera revealed that their aim for FIFA 22 was to make a more realistic experience through the implementation of new mechanics and features, even if the game right now has a lot of things that need to be balanced. This reveal should not worry fans, since the game has just left its first closed beta stage.


FIFA 22’s Hypermotion and its Effect on the Experience

When asked about the title’s Hypermotion mechanic, Hashtag Tom praised how much smoother the game looks and the fact that it allows them to have even more control over their players on the pitch. He also talked about how the game’s new ball physics helped add another layer of depth to it while improving its realism. The pro-player also praised how the players now behave differently when on the defensive.

You can check out the FIFA 22’s first 1v1 gameplay below, courtesy of EA SPORTS FIFA esports on YouTube:

FIFA 22 is scheduled to be released on October 1, 2021, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Google Stadia, and PCs, via Steam and Origin. Among all the new features talked about above, the game will also feature the debut of multiplayer exclusive mini-games and more.

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