File Size Revealed For EA Sports NHL 16

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The file size for EA Sports NHL 16 has been revealed and it’s thankfully not as large as many other games released these days.

As listed on the official Xbox website, the Xbox One version of NHL 16 will only clock in at 16.97GB. This is around half the size of most other PS4 and Xbox One video games.

Lots of other PS4 and Xbox One video games are well over 30GB. Some other larger games are around the 40-50GB range. NBA 2K15 and NBA 2K14 used over 40GB when they came out.

Hopefully the small NHL 16 install size is not an indication that the game is lacking features. NHL 15 was criticized by many fans as it didn’t include features that were previously added in older video games.

The game also had to alter its cover a few week ago thanks to the rape investigation that is underway for Patrick Kane. Kane still remains in the game, but he’s not gracing the cover like he was before. I

t will be interesting to see what EA Sports decides to do if he is guilty of sexual assault. 2K Games removed Hulk Hogan entirely from WWE 2K16 due to his racist remarks.

NHL 16 will be released worldwide on September 15th, 2015 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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