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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Reportedly Has A Full $60 Retail Price

by Damian Seeto


When it comes to re-released games, normally they are set at a cheaper price. When it comes to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD however, the game could see the full $60 retail price.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is now available to pre-order on Amazon. The listing clearly shows the price is set at $59.99. The same $59.99 price tag has also been seen on Gamestop’s listing for the game too.

Final Fantasy Type-0 was never released in North America or Europe when it was just a PSP game. The game stayed as a Japanese-only release. Many years later, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be coming out for the PS4 and Xbox One at E3. It was an announcement nobody saw coming, but it left fans very happy they would finally get a chance to play the game.

The $59.99 price tag seems a bit odd. Square Enix did the same thing when they released Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition earlier this year. The Last of Us Remastered has a slightly cheaper $49.99 price tag at least. Some other re-releases for games have had a discount in the past too.

Technically though, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD isn’t a re-release since it was never available in the West. Unless of course you bought yourself an imported copy. It’s still early days as the game doesn’t have a release date yet. Chances are, the price will stay the same anyway.

- This article was updated on:August 14th, 2014

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