Final Fantasy VII Remake Sold Like Hotcakes Its First Three Days

Safe to say the Remake series is off to a strong start.

by Brandon Adams
Final Fantasy VII Remake

It seems even delayed physical releases were not enough to slow Final Fantasy VII Remake’s momentum, because the game has sold admirably. “How well did it sell,” you may ask? Oh, maybe to tune of 3.5 million copies shipped and sold digitally its first three days. Remember, Final Fantasy VII Remake is only available on the PlayStation 4 right now, making that metric all the more impressive.

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Yes, I’m aware that “shipped” traditionally means “is on a store self somewhere”, but considering this number includes digital sales I’m inclined to believe most of those copies are indeed being played by actual customers. Knowing most people are sitting at home right now bolstering digital game sales to absurd numbers, I’d bet the vast majority of those 3.5 millions copies were digital.

The official Twitter account announced the news earlier today, thanking fans for helping them reach the impressive milestone. Having beaten the game I’m happy for them – yes, the ending was certainly…something, but I remain excited for the rest of the Remake series. Dean loved the game in our review. In it he concluded, “taking one of the most genre defining and well loved games of all time and rebuilding it from the ground up was a tall order, but Square Enix pulled it off with modernized gameplay and a fleshing out of the world and many characters compared to the original.”

I’m inclined to agree with his assessment, though I do hope the muddy textures are a one-time issue. Seriously, for as beautiful as Final Fantasy VII Remake is, it can also be downright ugly in areas. Maybe that’s an issue next-gen will rectify in the sequel.

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