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Final Fantasy XIV Receiving GOTY Edition On PC

by William Schwartz


Final Fantasy XIV has had it’s share of content and the upcoming ‘Dreams Of Ice’ patch is much talked about. Now comes word that Square-Enix is going to be re-releasing the game in a Game Of The Year Edition, exclusively on PC.

The exclusive PC edition will be available next month and come in a special ‘high quality’ Book Of Diamonds, Grimoire Box which will also contain five exclusive art cards. The package will include a 30 day time-card and an additional time-card with 60 days of game time for a total of 90 days of playtime. The Game Of The Year Edition will also grant players access to all the available content at release, ‘A Realm Awoken’, ‘Through The Malestrom’, ‘Defenders Of Eorzea’ and ‘Dreams Of Ice’.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn- Game Of The Year Edition is set to release on November 14th exclusively on PC. Those of you who have yet to try out the MMORPG can sign up for a free-trial which allows users to check out the game for fourteen (14) days and level up to level twenty (20). Good enough to get your feet wet.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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