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Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Delayed to Early November

by Jose Belmonte


Fans of Final Fantasy XV will have to wait a little bit more to play with their friends, as Square Enix has revealed today that the Comrades multiplayer expansion is getting a small delay from its original October 31 launch date to “early November,” without giving a specific date. The reason for the extra waiting time seems to be some last minute adjustments the team sees necessary to make in order to deliver the best possible experience. The news have come through the official Twitter account of the game, which has also specified that they will also reveal the definitive release date as soon as they can confirm it.

Comrades lets players create their own Glaives member and go through the kingdom of Lucis taking on new quests alone, or with other players connected online. But it’s not just about playing with other people: The expansion features a completely revised combat gameplay with changes in the use of magic, among others, and it also complements the main story by showing the events of a period of time unexplored during the adventure. The team has confirmed that players will get to reunite with some of the characters from the story like Gladio’s sister Iris.

The most recent update of the game introduced a new sequence in chapter 12 which explained more directly the mythology of the Astrals and the events that lead to the conflict with Ifrit. The game is expected to continue this flow of new content well into 2018, with the Episode Ignis DLC, or the PC and mobile versions of the main game.

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