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Final Fantasy XV Adds Astrals Backstory Through Free Update

by Jose Belmonte


The Final Fantasy XV team has fulfilled their promise of adding more material concerning the Astral War, even earlier than most people expected. The September update launched today brings some lenghty new scenes to the chapter 12 of the game, in which it is explained the backstory of the conflict between Ifrit and the rest of the Astrals, and given more attention to the relationship between Gentianna and Lunafreya.

Prior to this patch, this information was only hinted through cryptic messages in the game like the Cosmology books, pictures found in places like the Royal Palace of Lucis, or the mysterious Pitioss dungeon. The update was announced during this past Tokyo Game Show, where it was also confirmed that the game would be receiving new content through 2018.

The way these new scenes have been implemented in the game is actually a rarity in the list of updates that the team has released through this year, as most of them like the recent Assassin’s Festival or Episode Prompto are made available through the main menu, being completely separated from the main game. The closest case we have seen is the Verse 2 of chapter 13, and that still was an alternative route rather than an extended version of the adventure.

Final Fantasy XV will still offer much more new content for the rest of the year and in 2018, via free updates, the Comrades multiplayer expansion, the Windows and Pocket editions, and spin offs like King’s Knight and Monster of the Deep.

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