Final Fantasy XV To Have Good Balance Of Gameplay And Cutscenes

by Damian Seeto

It looks like there might be a good balance of meaningful cutscenes and gameplay in Final Fantasy XV.

Silconera had a chance to interview Kazuyuki Ikumori who is the director of Visual Works. Visual Works is a subsidiary of Square Enix that specialize in creating FMV cutscenes. Ikumori mentioned the team doesn’t want to bombard people with too many cutscenes in Final Fantasy XV.

Ikumori said Final Fantasy XV is going to have a “good balance” between cutscenes and action gameplay. This will depend on how they want to convey the story. Silconera noted the game could be the most action-orientated Final Fantasy game in history, so too many long cutscenes could break the pace.

Ikumori also said the team is actually trying to focus on “real time as much as possible“. However, scenes such as an army attacking or something like that will be done with CGI. They still want to do as much real time in-game cutscenes as they can. This is to “invoke the player” more than in previous games. Also they feel the in-game graphics are good enough look like actual CGI these days too.

People have already got a taste for what’s to come with the Final Fantasy XV demo that was released last month. The cutscenes weren’t too long and most of them were in real time. Hopefully the full game actually does have a good balance of gameplay and cutscenes.