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Early Hyrule Warriors Reviews are Very Positive

by Kyle Hanson


Hyrule Warriors is almost out in Japan, which means reviewers are already beginning to weigh in. Japanese magazine Famitsu has published their review, consisting of four individual scores. The fans over at Nintendo Everything have done a great job translating the article into English, so now we can take a look at what they thought.

You got the action of “Warriors” and the charming worlds of “Zelda”, and it sounds too fun!

Each Famitsu reviewer has given Hyrule Warriors a score of nine out of ten, resulting in a combined score of 36 out of 40. A perfect forty used to be a pretty prestigious goal for a game, but lately Famitsu has been giving out higher scores more regularly. Still, combining two series as different as Dynasty Warriors and The Legend of Zelda is a risky maneuver, so it paying off for at least these reviewers is a great sign.

The actual text of the reviews are available below for reference. The running theme seems to be that the gameplay is very much Dynasty Warriors and that the world of Zelda only enhances the enjoyment. A lack of Zelda-style puzzles could be a problem for those who were expecting them, but the reviewers enjoyed the Dynasty Warriors action that was there. We’ll find out if the western audience agrees when Hyrule Warriors is released on September 26th exclusively for Wii U.

The full text of the Famitsu reviews as translated by Nintendo Everything are below:

Yoshida: 9; Seriously. It’s “Warriors” and “Zelda”. You got the action of “Warriors” and the charming worlds of “Zelda”, and it sounds too fun! The foundation of the gameplay is definitely “Warriors”-based, and although there is a lack of puzzle-solving, the two works are fused together so nicely and truly became a top-quality means of entertainment. In Adventure Mode, you move around and solve puzzles in the style of the original 8-bit Zelda. In Hyrule Warriors, you will enjoy a great combination of both freshness and nostalgia, and that is a very good thing.

Jigoro: 9; While not destroying the world of Zelda, the action has been modeled after the “Warriors” series and it is exhilarating. You will be firmly placed in the battle, which is also good. Fans will smile at the small details which can be found here and there, and it is good. The soundtrack is arranged in a familiar “Warriors”-series style, and the feeling is very uplifting. I also feel great during each mission because the checkpoint system treats you very kindly if you fail.

Namuko: 9; “The Legend of Zelda” has a history and is receiving a secondary creation, and the final product is a winning combination. Deriving from the “Warriors” series, you are a lone commanding officer and are seeing the perspective of two armies battling, and you feel the scale that I think extends to the power of a country like Hyrule. As it is a transition from established puzzle solving system into chaotic action, I accepted Hyrule Warriors as a fresh interpretation. Since both products are separately masterpieces, I was expecting their combination to be more than a masterpiece.

Bunbunmaru: 9; The peculiar puzzle elements of Zelda are basically non-existent, but the tempo of the action is great and can be enjoyed comfortably. You are dropped in the system of “Warriors” but in the world of “Zelda”, and it’s so amazing that there is no discomfort in this combination. If you’ve ever played games like “Dynasty Warriors” or “Samurai Warriors”, then it will be easy to play for you. When locking on with z-targeting, for example, it helps make the boss encounters considerably like the Zelda series. The smiles of Zelda fans are going to be numerous!

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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