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First Life is Strange Comic Coming in November

The comic takes place after one of the endings of the first game.

by Dylan Siegler


Fans of Life is Strange have known that a comic series based on the game has been on its way, and now we have a more specific release window. In fact, the first issue of the series will be out later this year.


It was recently announced that the first issue of the upcoming Life is Strange comic series will be out sometime this November. The series will take place after one of the endings of the first game, theoretically the “Sacrifice Arcadia Bay” ending since the comics will evidently follow both Max and Chloe in the aftermath of Max’s final decision, based on the cover art which depicts the two characters holding hands. However, the cover also shows Max alone in a reflection in a puddle on the ground. But given that the announcement specifically states that the comics will follow “a possible future after one of the two endings of the game,” it’s likely that this reflection is just a nod to the other ending, rather than implying that the comic series will delve into both endings.

The series will be written by comic writer Emma Vieceli, who has previously written Doctor Who and Back to the Future comics, illustrated by Claudia Leonardi and published by Titan Comics.

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