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First V Rising Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Vampire-Fueled World

Vampires and survival, a blood concoction ready to flow...
Concept art backdrop for V Rising

The first gameplay trailer has dropped for V Rising and showcases not only the intriguing gameplay but also important plot information for what players can expect from the story of the open-world survival game. Notably, the studio behind the experience has an excellent track record, creating games such as Bloodline Champions and Battlerite. Recently, Tencent took a majority stake in Stunlock Studios, showcasing their abilities to obtain the attention of the industry and giving us even more hope for the title to make its bite on the gaming community. This article will go over all the details you need to know about the first gameplay trailer.

V Rising brings a new flare to the vampire sub-genre in gaming with open-world features, diverse environments, interesting foes, and intense multiplayer mechanics to interfere with other player’s game worlds. The trailer shows the player’s role of a vampire and their desire to ultimately regain what is rightfully theirs, rebuilding a great castle through alluring building mechanics as seen in the trailer.

Resources are ripe for the taking, and survival is going to require immense planning and thinking when venturing into the world. Vampires of course need blood to survive, and thus, players will need to make their way to settlements and take blood from the living creatures inside. The sun glares down on the player and they will have to make sure to avoid sunlight while exploring the bucolic but haunting open world. Those who prefer to move across lands with relative ease will be rejoicing at knowing that horse travel will be available as can be seen within the trailer.

The world has significant high-fantasy undertones and the art style is delicately crafted to give the player the deepest level of immersion possible from the genre, especially suitable for the blood-curdling moments that will surely await us in this grim locale. Impressive abilities are shown throughout the first gameplay trailer for V Rising and ultimately shows creatures such as gigantic tree monsters, stone-like colossi, and a vast array of other enemies such as abnormally built knights in shining armour. You don’t have to go through this brutal journey alone however, the pathway to becoming the best vampire in the lands can be aided by your chosen partners in co-op if you so choose. Be wary, PvE in co-op isn’t the only online functionality, there will also be PvP where insidious vampires can seek to attack other player’s castles. What role will you take on…? That is the true question…

The game sets up an entrancing world and story to experience along with the knowledge that it will be in a well-versed studio’s hands. V Rising will also have an open beta later this year, which you can sign up for through this link if you want to get your fangs into action as soon as possible.

V Rising will launch on PC via Steam in the future and is available for wishlisting now.

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