Forge is Now Available in Halo 5: Guardians

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by Kyle Hanson

Halo 5’s massive Cartographer’s Gift update is now live on Xbox One. As we detailed earlier this week, Halo 5: Guardians’ Cartographer’s Gift update adds a ton of new items to the game. One of those is the highly anticipated return of Forge, Halo’s map building and editing suite that was introduced to the series in Halo 3. However, the feature has been totally revamped this time around.

Halo 5 has had its Forge mode built from the ground up for the new game. featuring much requested features like object grouping, and multi-item selecting and editing. Amateur map creators should find themselves very happy with the new additions and changes. 343i even brought in fans and community members to help them develop the feature, so this could easily be the best Forge yet for the Halo series.

Along with Forge, Cartographer’s Gift brings new REQ items, new maps, and a bunch of other additions to the game. The upgrade is totally free too, with funds from the REQ microtransactions going toward development of the new maps and other items. All maps will be free for Halo 5 in fact, so the community shouldn’t be splintered as it has been in the past.

This is just the start for Halo 5 and its free updates though, so expect news on future big additions to come now that Cartographer’s Gift is out of the way.

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