Fortnite Introduces New Social Spaces Called Party Worlds

Fortnite Party Worlds are the new way to chill.

by Shubhendu Vatsa
Fortnite Party Worlds

Fortnite Party Worlds is a new place for you and your friends to enjoy and have fun in the game. The current season will wrap up in just a few days’ time and it seems like the new Party Worlds is just one of many things the developers have planned for Fortnite and players alike. This will also be a great way to kill some time before Fortnite Chapter 3 arrives.

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In a recent blog post, Epic announced Party Worlds in Fortnite, which you and your friends can use to hang out, chill, engage in mini-games, and even meet new players. Talking about Party Worlds, Epic said, “these are experiences that are designed as places for players to hang out, play fun mini-games, and make new friends.” The developers also shared a few examples of these new Party Worlds in Fortnite Season 8. Currently, two Party Worlds have been shown off and they are both developed by creators.

These can be thought of as a good starting point to better understand and familiarize yourself with the new concept. The first among the two Fortnite Party Worlds revealed is the Walnut World. It is created by fivewalnut and, as per Epic, is “an amusement park” where you can spend some time solo or with your friends. You can make new friends there as well. If you want to check out Walnut World yourself, you can do so by simply entering the island code – 9705-9549-4193 in Fortnite.

The second one is Late Night Lounge, created by TreyJTH. It is a more miniature world with a closed-off lounge. It works similarly to the first Fortnite Party World, but in an entirely new aesthetic. You can check it out by entering the island code – 8868-0043-1912. Epic even went on to explain the critical distinction between Hubs and the new Party Worlds. The sole purpose of Fortnite Party Worlds is for players to have some fun and meet new and old friends. Fortnite Hubs, on the other hand, are designed to help players discover different worlds.

The developers are also encouraging players to come up with their own versions of Party Worlds. Some guidelines are needed to be kept in mind and you are all set to create your own world. Epic also said that Fortnite Party Worlds “is an evolving and iterative process,” and it will grow and expand based on user feedback and experiences.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.