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Fortnite Update: Invisible B.R.U.T.E. Fix and More Coming in Update v10.10

Downtime expected at 4 A.M. on August 13th.

by William Schwartz


Update:  Epic Games says that last minute issues will delay the timing of the release of v10.10.  

The next Fortnite update is slated to arrive on Tuesday, August 14th.  v10.10 will bring with it some downtime in the morning hours between 4 A.M. EST, Epic Games has not announced how long the expected downtime for Fortnite will last while the next patch is pushed through to the game.  However, we do know at least a couple of things to expect in this update.

Fortnite mechs will get a much needed fix

For one, the controversial B.R.U.T.E. Mechs will be fixed in update v10.10.  A bug has been hitting the game which would sometimes make these powerful mechs invisible to other players.  This should be fixed following the patch release.

Ahead of the update, a Rift Beacon was also spotted at the Mega Mall.  This should indicate that Mega Mall will see some changes in the update, but this has not been confirmed by Epic and is purely speculation at this point.  The last area to see the Rift Beacon was Neo Tilted, and that was drastically changed into Tilted Town.  Will Mega Mall see the same type of drastic overhaul that we saw with Tilted Towers?

What map changes are in store in v10.10?

If we do see a change to Mega Mall, will Tilted Towers go back to a different form?  We’ll have to wait and see when Fortnite update v10.10 releases.

Season X has been controversial thus far, with a large segment of both the competitive and casual players of the game not liking the big changes that have been made.  A lot of this controversy has stemmed from the introduction of the B.R.U.T.E. mechs, which Epic says are not going away.  They did reduce the spawn rates of these powerful vehicles in response to criticism.

Look for Fortnite Update v10.10 to release on August 14th after 4 A.M. ET.

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