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Game Analyst Says Nintendo Switch Needs Franchises Like COD And Madden To Survive

by Damian Seeto


When it comes to consoles, the most successful ones survive thanks to third party franchises. One gaming analyst says the Nintendo Switch needs more than just its own games to attract a wider audience.

Well known gaming analyst, Michael Pachter, was interviewed by GamingBolt and he gave his opinion on the importance of third party support for the Nintendo Switch. The console won’t survive on only first party games.

He said: “I think Nintendo is about to embark on its second effort to be different, and I think their second failed effort. I just don’t see NX being successful if third parties don’t embrace it. So if I were Mr. Kimishima, the first thing I would do would be to make sure that Red Dead launched on the NX.

You need Madden on there, you need Call of Duty on there, you need FIFA on there, and you need Red Dead on there. And if those were all on the NX, I think the NX would be phenomenally successful. If we’re stuck with just Nintendo content, that’s a problem

Back on the Wii U, Call of Duty: Ghosts and EA Sports titles were on the system. However just one year later, support was dropped. I got a Wii U recently and was surprised to see that NBA 2K13 and FIFA 13 were the last sports games released for the system.

Even though not everyone likes sports and Call of Duty, they sell millions of copies worldwide each year. In order for the Nintendo Switch to attract the casual audience, these franchises need to be released.

As for Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar has only announced the game for PS4 and Xbox One. The chances of it releasing for the Switch look slim at the moment.

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