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GameStop Is Offering 50% Bonus On Trade-Ins This Week

by Dean James


GameStop has for a long time now been the king of game trade-ins, taking in most any game for at least something. However, they have also provided just about the lowest returns for those looking to trade-in their games, especially when Best Buy and Target were offerings things like 50% and even 100% bonuses on all trade-ins. GameStop is firing back this week though, with one of their best deals since they revamped their system just last year.

Starting today, all game and gaming accessory trade-ins at GameStop will get a 50% bonus added. This is pretty solid, especially for PowerUp Rewards Pro members that get a bonus 10% anyways.

The GameStop website and app now let you look up exactly how much you can get for your games, which makes the process all the easier. Rather than taking a pile of games into the store to see if its worth trading in, just punch in the name of the game and find out in advance. Some of the top games for trade in will provide Pro members with $30.25 even before the 50% bonus, or $27.50 for non-members. These includes Mortal Kombat X, Mario Kart 8, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Pikmin 3, and MLB 15: The Show. These constantly change though, so make sure to check the website for sure, especially after the bonus goes active.

This 50% bonus trade-in special will last through next Sunday, June 7, so make sure to take advantage of this in advance of the major release of Batman: Arkham Knight later this month.

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