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Gamestop rolls out Max Payne 3 exclusives

by William Schwartz


Everyone’s favorite painkiller-addicted, vigilante noir detective heads back to the consoles of gamers everywhere in less than a month and should you choose to put some money down on the anxiously awaited Max Payne 3, Gamestop is giving players a few worthy incentives to do so in their yard.

Max Payne 3 will deliver a brand new multiplayer component, the first in the series, and a number of features aside from wielding Max’s infamous sawed-off should have players excited to venture into it. The game will let players form private crews with friends or join up with public crews, and completing tasks as a crew will gain XP points for the player.

Gamestop recently unveiled the Max Payne 3 exclusives that will be exclusive to their stores. The “Silent Killer Multiplayer Loadout Pack” adds three unique elements to customize your multiplayer games in Max Payne 3 and also comes equipped with early access to the Cemetery multiplayer map. The three unique items are listed below:

  • Light Anti-Tank Weapon – a bigger gun equals a bigger boom.
  • Slippery Character Burst – your easy escape from any firefight.
  • Listening Device – hear an enemy from far away.

So there you have it. Buying Max Payne 3 from Gamestop lets you easily hear and get away from the poor bastards who bought it from Best Buy. Your move, blue shirts.

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