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GameStop’s Retro Classics Store Is Now Live

by Dean James


GameStop announced a little while back that they were taking a trip to the past with old school consoles and games. Now a few months later, their online Retro Classics Store has officially opened up on their website.

Starting as a pilot program at GameStop locations across New York and Birmingham, Alabama, where gamers could go and trade in a variety of old school consoles and games, the ultimate goal was to start to build up a library of games that they could then sell online.

That online store is now live on GameStop’s website through the Retro Classics section that can be found under More, where you can browse their current selection that is pretty solid so far, at least on the gaming side.

This library of games spans six systems, including Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Genesis, Dreamcast, and PlayStation. As of right now though, the console selection is rather sparse with only a Genesis system and two different variations of the original PlayStation, all falling in the $34.99 to $39.99 range.

The game selection isn’t outstanding yet, but has many of the first-party and even smaller gamers for each platform at respectable prices. You certainly won’t find any major bargains here, but they aren’t charging more than the usual asking price for most as a rule.

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