Gears of War 3 “appearing sometime in the near future” ?

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A recent interview transcript was released in a discussion between Cliff Bleszinski and IGN.  In this interview at GDC ’10 he is asked about the recent unveiling of the new engine and states:

” Whether or not these features will be used in any upcoming products? Generally, it’s safe to say, that if  we  put a feature in our engine and we do it ourselves it will probably appear sometime in the near future.  So, one could anticipate that.”

While he did not mention anything concrete he all but stated another Gears title was coming down the line.  When asked about the future of the franchise ” I think Gears has still got a lot of growth.  I think Gears is a huge wonderful franchise that has been very successful for us.  But I think we can always try harder.”
He also spoke of some changes he would like to make with the game if he could do it all over.

At the close of the interview he goes on to say: “be on the lookout for some things in the near future”

Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein also stated this weekend at GDC that no title was due out in 2010. So I guess we can settle for January 2011. Unless we all just blow everything that “CliffyB” says way out of proportion in anticipation of the announcement. The statements he made sound like we’re gonna be hearing something real soon.

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