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Get a Free Xbox One Backwards Compatible Copy of The Witcher 2 Right Now

by Kyle Hanson


Wanna play The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on your Xbox One? Now you can, and for free thanks to a promotion by CD Projekt Red and Microsoft. As we announced earlier, new Xbox One Backwards Compatibility games were added to the system today, along with a shift in the way new games are added to the service. One of these titles was The Witcher 2, which was also made free for Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners today.

This means you can head over to the Xbox Game Store right now and buy the game at no cost, it will then immediately become available to play on your Xbox One via the backwards compatibility feature.

Being a digital title, the process of getting it up and running on your Xbox One is pretty straight forward. Just find the game in your install list and get it downloaded. It’ll then show up just like any other Xbox One digital game. You’ll get to enjoy the classic RPG title on your Xbox One as if it were a brand new game, although there won’t be major upgrades to the graphics or performance of course.

Other games included in the update were Aegis Wing, Age of Booty, Counter-Strike: GO, Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad, Sam & Max Save the World, Skullgirls, Small Arms, Soulcalibur, and Space Giraffe. However, none of these were offered for free like The Witcher 2.

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