Get NBA 2K15 For $11 Today Only

by Dean James

NBA 2K15 launched prior to the start of the NBA season last year and as hard as it may be to believe, the regular season is almost over, with only a few weeks remaining on the schedule. For those that haven’t had a chance to pick up this year’s game yet and have that itch to play with the playoffs upcoming, Amazon has as good of a deal as you will ever see for the game today.

Sunday afternoon saw the intense matchup between the Washington Wizards and the Houston Rockets, headlined by stars John Wall and James Harden respectively. To celebrate this epic matchup, Amazon revealed that the results would decide how cheap NBA 2K15 would be on sale for today for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The minimum would be $20 off, with every point scored between those two over 20 points would knock off another $1. With a grand total of 49 points scored between Wall and Harden, that means that NBA 2K15 will only be $10.99 today.

For anyone dismissing that this is happening, the official NBA 2K15 Twitter account confirmed that it would be discounted to this price today starting at noon PT, or 3:00 pm ET. This flash sale will last for 12 hours, though it is while supplies last and there is no doubt these will go rather fast at this price.