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God Of War PS4 Likely Won’t Have A Demo, Dev Reveals

by Mike Guarino


Getting demos or betas for games these days is pretty common, with some of them coming back for multiple rounds to give fans a taste of what’s in store. While fans will definitely want to check out the rebooted God of War on PS4 next year, it looks like fans likely won’t get to check the game out until its actual release.

This news was revealed by game director Cory Barlog, who had been communicating with some fans on Twitter about the game. When one asked about whether or not they were working on a demo for the game, he replied that they were hard at work on the game, but not a demo. He goes on to further clarify this by saying that the game will come quicker and be better without demos, because demos take a month at least away from the final game.

He also goes on to reveal that they’re still figuring out when they’re actually going to release the game, as they want to make sure the game is released in an uncompromised and fully-completed state. He was willing to reveal that the game will function just fine on a standard PlayStation 4, with PlayStation 4 Pro not being required to get the full experience.

God of War is currently set to launch for PlayStation 4 at some point in 2017.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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