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GOG set to take on Steam with Galaxy Client

by William Schwartz


GOG has been known for offering up DRM-free games for years. Today, the digital retailer has announced a DRM-free gaming client, GOG Galaxy. It won’t require a profile or online confirmation to play the games you’ve purchased.

Galaxy will always allow your game to launch without making a profile, although achievements and a friends list will require one, and if you want to play online, that will require online connectivity. GOG Galaxy essentially sounds like Steam minus the login at the start as a mandate, no DRM on its games, and with an offline mode of sorts enabled at all times instead of needing to be checked every time you need it.

With Steam and Origin dominating the market, it’s easy to see Galaxy kind of fall to the wayside like Desura has to some degree – but competition is always a good thing. If the client takes off, then perhaps we’ll see Steam or Origin adapt a couple of its features down the line. The layout will also be interesting because Steam can be a bit of a cluster, and while Origin streamlines things a bit, neither is perfect and if this client winds up with the best layout of the bunch, it could be very influential and make the industry-leading ones more easy to use.

GOG Galaxy

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