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Grab Your 3DS – World StreetPass Holidays Start 12/24

by Kyle Hanson


One of the more surprisingly fun features of the Nintendo 3DS has been StreetPass, which allows you to tag other 3DSes in your vicinity. Unfortunately, one of the down sides to this is that other 3DS owners have to actually be within your vicinity to play. Nintendo changed this by adding StreetPass zones at certain retailers and restaurants, which will store the last six StreetPasses and send them to you when you arrive. On special weekends though, these get amped up even more; allowing for more StreetPasses and from all around the world. The next StreetPass weekend is coming up, but this time it is even bigger and better than ever.

Participate in World StreetPass Holidays 12/24-1/4 to make new Mii friends across the US, Canada and Europe!

The World StreetPass Holidays starts Wednesday, December 24th and goes until Sunday, January 4th, 2015. The official description reads “Take your StreetPass-enabled Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS to a Nintendo Zone during the holidays and you’ll trade Mii characters and certain game data with other fans in more than 59,000 Nintendo Zone locations in the U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. Enjoy the holidays, and get ready to StreetPass!”

Along with the extra StreetPasses, participants will be entered into a special contest to win a Wii U console. The sweepstakes is only open in the US and Canada, so check out the official rules to qualify. If you have a Nintendo Network ID then all you have to do is swing by a Nintendo Zone location to enter. Click here to see where one is close to you.

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