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Granblue Fantasy: ReLink Looks Even More Impressive A Year Later

Now with more story characters.

by Jelani James


Last year, Cygames revealed Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link, a Platinum Games-developed Action RPG based on the ever-popular Granblue Fantasy. At the time, words like “stunning” were used to describe it. Now, one year later at Granblue Fantasy Fes 2018, the game has reemerged with a new title — Granblue Fantasy: ReLink —  and it somehow looks even better than before.

Unlike last year, the new 14-minute gameplay video is chock-full of action from beginning to end, showing some of the crew members in an area besieged by an entity that controls wind, named Furycane (it looks like what Sagittarius would be if it used swords instead of a bow).

You’ll also likely notice that the only characters present in the video are story ones, suggesting that the game will have a greater focus on the main cast, as opposed to the Grancypher (the ship the crew uses to travel around from island to island) crew in general. Katalina, Rackam and Io are still there (with new portraits!), but Percival is gone and the new website doesn’t list him (or any of the other “lesser” characters) in the “Allies” section. Do keep in mind that last year’s screenshots are still there though, so it’s still possible for him and the others to be playable.

However, thanks to the apparent focus on the main cast, we also see that Gran (you can switch to Djeeta), Lyria and Vee (along with Eugen and Rosetta), will be present in the game too. As expected, Vee doesn’t do much except provide some snark and Lyria can summon Primal Beasts to help the party in battle.

In fact, the current build of Granblue Fantasy: ReLink does an even better job of showcasing the charms of the source game than the one before it. Once again, the overall aesthetic screams Granblue Fantasy, and just like with Lyria summoning or Katalina freezing enemies, you can expect to see much of the core game’s facets in place here. For instance, Ougis and Chain Bursts are present (with a new yellow Overdrive Bar  bar to match that from the base game), as are consumable items which can be used for healing mid-fight, along with Renown Pendants whose purpose remains unclear for the time being.

All in all, with a greater focus on the main cast, a sharper UI, the plentiful callbacks to the source material and breathtaking visuals, Granblue Fantasy: ReLink already looks like a winner. Unfortunately, when we’ll finally be able to see whether this turns out to be the case remains a mystery.

Granblue Fantasy: ReLink is due out for the PlayStation 4 at a undetermined date.

Check out the trailer and gameplay video below:


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