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Granblue Fantasy Versus Adds Ladiva

An unexpected, but welcome addition.

by Jelani James


In a surprise update, Cygames has revealed the latest character coming to Granblue Fantasy: Versus, and probably one that no one saw coming: Ladiva.

For those unfamiliar, Ladiva (or Fastiva in Japan) is a famous duelist from the Jewel Resort (an airship with various forms of entertainment primarily designed to fill players with both rage and regret) but was eventually forced to take refuge in the Grancypher after an altercation with imperial soldiers that left them itching for revenge.

Judging from the brief clips of her gameplay from the trailer, Ladiva plays exactly like one would expect, using a variety of throws and wrestling maneuvers to fulfill the role of Granblue Fantasy Versus’ grappler. In addition, it appears she’ll have at least one move to give her a more well-rounded arsenal, such as a dodge to evade projectiles.

It was hypothesized in a previous article that we’d have to wait until December before we’d see more announcements for this game, but it looks like Cygames is shooting for a steady string of announcements in advance of the planned 2019 release. If things continue the way they’re going, Cygames will hopefully confirm the identities of most, if not all, of the characters in the base roster before then.

And while on the subject of things that Cygames is up to, it is currently accepting applicants for a Closed Beta that is running from May 31 to June 1. Registration will remain open until May 23, so you still have time to sign up if you haven’t already.

A video featuring a match between professional gamers Daigo and Fuudo was also announced, but it seems Cygames hasn’t uploaded it just yet.

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