Grand Theft Auto V Has A Very Big Secret Hidden Within It

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Video games over the years have featured a number of easter eggs and Grand Theft Auto V, likes its predecessors, has plenty of them. One of the biggest myths in the series has been the ability to find the mysterious Bigfoot, though it was always nothing more than a rumor, until now.

Grand Theft Auto V launched two years ago for last-gen consoles, before coming to current-gen last year and even PC earlier this year. One would have thought that most secrets would have been found by now, but perhaps the biggest of all did not show up until a hint at it appeared.

Recently, the game got a new update that added the Director Mode, which allows you to make movies within the game. With that came some new achievements and trophies, with one centered around one aspect of the game, collecting animals.

One achievement/trophy called Cryptozoologist has you collecting all animals in the game for use in Director Mode, by finding peyote plants around the map. When you get this achievement, it will say “You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode…or did you?” This seemed to hint that was something else, and in fact there is.

By finding a special golden peyote, you will unlock the much rumored Bigfoot, which you can actually play as him in the game, though not in First Person Mode. The exact location was found by rkRusty on Reddit, which detailed the exact way to unlock him. You can see the unlock process courtesy of YouTuber 2H2K below.

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