Attack of the Fanboy

Great Detective Pikachu Teaser and Japan Release Date

by Jason Eliason


The streets are stained a dark ruby.  Throughout the night, cries for help echo and recede like waves crashing against the rocky graveyards of the Seafoam Islands.  Police tape blocks off Rout 6 like a wild Snorelax, but Detective Pikachu just walks right under it.  He examines the crime scene, carefully taking note of the bite wound in the victim’s lower leg.  Like so many others, this was no wild Pokemon attack.  Judging from the shape of the Pokemon’s jaw and burn marks, Pikachu deduced that the victim was attacked by a Growlithe – only indigenous to Red Version.  This was a conspiracy if he’d ever seen one.

Earlier that day, Great Detective Pikachu sat at the local diner, drinking his tenth cup of coffee and smoking the first of the day’s many packs of cigarettes…

I’ll stop there. You probably get the picture.  No, this isn’t the plot for Pokemon Company’s latest 3DS title, Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo, but from what’s been revealed a similar plot wouldn’t be too Farfetch’d.  He does appear to drink coffee and speak Japanese, however.  The teaser trailer was released earlier today, as well as a Japan release date.  The game will be available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop in Japan February 3.

The price was announced to be 1,500 yen, though the game will be discounted at 1,200 yen until February 29.  As of now, there is currently no word on when the game will be headed to the west.  Considering that this year is Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, I suspect that they aim to please fans around the world.

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