GTA 6 Reveal Trailer Could Come This Year Says Insider

Potential showing of footage for GTA 6.

by Weilong Mao


A trailer for GTA 6 is rumored to drop this year if the words of a seasoned insider are to be believed. News in regards to when the next entry of the Grand Theft Auto IP is coming has always managed to attract a certain degree of attention, considering the sizeable player base, as indicated by the substantial amount of sales that GTA V is making, which is still flourishing to this day.

Such enthusiasm is perhaps best illustrated by the speculations and assumptions that ran rampant on the internet following the enhanced edition trailer of GTA V, where communities members took to guessing the license plate of a car to be hinting at the setting for the next entry in the franchise. This anticipation towards the upcoming release has only mounted as a result of the official statement made by Rockstar this month, which has confirmed that GTA 6 is indeed in the works, though no further detail has been in regards to the release date of the game and what the settings and story is going to entail.

As such, when it was suggested that a trailer for GTA 6 is going to drop this year, people who’ve learned to temper their expectations for the yet to arrive title have gotten more optimistic as a result. To elaborate, Tez2 is a leaker turned insider who is held in some regards by the GTA community to be reliable in the assumption and news that he delivers as to the ongoing of Rockstar games. The sizable following is presumably the result of such. Tez2 claimed that the trailer will drop sometime this year, made with in-development assets much like the first GTA V trailer.

An exact time frame as for when the trailer will supposedly drop has not been elaborated upon, but the possibility of a trailer dropping this year for GTA 6 is not at all unlikely considering the official announcement made by Rockstar themselves just prior. Though there were no definite answers given, during the earnings call for the third quarter financial reports 2022 of Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, it was suggested that there will be more things to share in regards to upcoming releases by May. When the fourth quarter comes around.

As such, it might be fair to assume that this supposed trailer for GTA 6 would drop at around that time, or just before. Though it is perhaps best to take such guesses with a grain of salt, As exciting as the prospect of a trailer dropping in May might be. In the instance where a trailer is indeed released this year, however,  then the arrival of GTA 6 will hopefully prove sooner than the expectations of players and community members alike.

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