GTA Online Update 1.30 Fully Detailed – New Garage, Extra Property, and More

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GTA V and GTA Online are about to get Update 1.30, a massive patch that will add new features, and fix a bunch of old issues. We’ve already gotten a teaser of the re-opening of Benny’s Original Motorworks, which will come alongside the 1.30 update, but there’s so much more here. You can see the full list of changes at Rockstar’s patch notes site, but we’ll cover a few of our favorites.

Of course, the big one is Benny’s Original Motorworks, which will add new vehicles to the game for purchase. Along with this, you can take certain cars to the shop to get exclusive add-ons and upgrades. Hydraulics, new interior options, extra features, and much, much more can all be attained only at Benny’s Original Motorworks. The two new cars being added are the Willard Faction and the Declasse Moonbeam, which along with the Albany Buccaneer, Declasse Voodoo, Albany Primo, and the Vapid Chino make up the cars that can get the new upgrades.

On the GTA Online front, players will be able to own a fourth property now, helping those that have run out of precious garage space. A new option has been added to Races, which seems like it will make things pretty interesting. The “Destroy Last Place” option makes it so that each lap, or at certain time intervals, whoever is in last place gets destroyed, and has to sit out the rest of the race. Another cool new touch is that players will be able to buy ammo from their Interaction Menu, reducing the number of Ammu-Nation visits you’ll have to make.

These are really just the beginning as GTA Online Update 1.30 touches a huge portion of the gameplay experience. Check out the full patch notes above for the entire list. Of course, this update is only for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions, as Rockstar has ended support for the last-gen versions of the game.

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