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GTA V on PC Has Already Sold Over 2 Million Copies

by William Schwartz


GTA V may have taken a year and a half to reach PC, but that hasnt slowed its sales. Take a look at SteamSpy and you will see that Rockstar’s latest entry in their open-world, criminal playground has attracted over 2,000,000 buyers. That’s impressive for a game that was born during the last generation of consoles.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that this number may be well under the actual sales numbers. SteamSpy only accounts for copies of the game sold through Valve’s digital distribution platform. Physical copies purchased at retail outlets or digital versions snagged directly from the Rockstar Games Social Club have yet to be tallied. We imagine this will have a noticeable impact on the figure provided above, which could push it closer to GTA IV’s sales of around 3.5 million.

With PC players having eagerly waited for so long for their chance to re-experience San Andreas with modern-day visuals, the financial success of GTA V on the new platform was a guarantee. Hopefully Rockstar acknowledges this demand next time they’re ready to bring another experience to multiple systems.

If you’re playing on PC, dont forget to download the latest patch. You can find out what changes it brings here.

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