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GTA V Story DLC Teased by Voice Actor

by Kyle Hanson


GTA V has been a massively successful game. With over 50 million units sold it is easily one of the best selling games of all time. And yet, over two years after release, the game has no official story DLC. Instead Rockstar has focused on free releases for the GTA Online mode, pushing the usual form of DLC well into the future, if they plan to release any at all.

Today, fans have gotten their hopes up that the team is back working on the actual single player campaign, with a cryptic Instagram post by one of the game’s voice actors. As first reported by, the post appeared just six hours ago, but it has already riled up fans into a frenzy.

Shawn Fonteno, who plays GTA V’s Franklin, posted the image of himself in the Rockstar offices wearing a motion capture suit. All definite signs of the actor working on something related to GTA V, however the problem is that nothing in the image or from Fonteno sets a definite date for when it was taken.

For this to be GTA V story DLC work it would have to have been recent, but we just can’t tell from what is in the picture. So while many have jumped to the conclusion that this is for the highly anticipated DLC, others feel it is just a throwback sort of thing. The actor could just be posting an old picture from back when he initially worked on the game, accidentally setting of this internet firestorm.

This last explanation also seems more accurate when you consider that Rockstar has yet to confirm the existence of GTA V story DLC. This would be a pretty big breach of information from Fonteno if it turns out to be real, so it would be rather risky of him to post this. Unfortunately we’ll just have to wait and see if Rockstar has anything in store for us.

GTA V is available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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