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GTA V’s Theorized Aliens Are Finally A Reality

by Lewis White


One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Rockstar’s smash hit GTA V was its inclusion of alien spaceships and symbols in numerous spots of the in-game map. With entire Wikis, YouTube channels and online communities banding together to try and decode symbols, piece together scraps of information and analyzing spectographs, it would only be a matter of time before Rockstar revealed something.

Now, that time is reality and YouTube group Chiliad Mystery Group have discovered the fabled Chiliad Crash Site in the recent Gunrunning update for GTA Online. By digging into the game’s code, the group discovered a way to prematurely activate a presumably upcoming event mission and finally uncovered the Alien menace.

“They could activate this mission maybe, or even increase the chances of us spawning it.”

“It [a global variable relating to the gb_gunrunning script in the game files] also links to a tunable which is something R* can alter on their end,” Team Member SSj5_Tadden said on Reddit. “Meaning they could activate this mission maybe, or even increase the chances of us spawning it.”

The mission relating to the Aliens doesn’t seem to be anything extravagant, just a basic gunrunning mission with a crashed UFO and some Aliens. At least for now, there doesn’t seem to be any way for the player to actually enter the UFO and you’re stuck fighting off a few waves of foes before making off with an egg. It’s nothing big, but for the groups of GTA fans who have been dreaming of this moment for years, it is certainly enough validation that Aliens are in fact a real threat in the GTA universe.

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