Gunfight May Not Come to Modern Warfare 2 Season Two

Players may wait longer before they get to play this fan-favorite game mode.

by Carlos Hurtado

Modern Warfare 2 season two is just around the corner, and many fans of the title are eagerly waiting for all the new content and changes that will come with the new season, bringing a breath of fresh air to all the players that have been grinding through all the levels and unlocks since its release in 2022. Turns out Modern Warfare 2 players may not get to play gunfight in season two.

On February 2, a user on a Modern Warfare 2 subreddit made a post regarding a new game mode that may not come to Modern Warfare 2 season two after all. According to the Reddit post and the image shared with it, Gunfight may not come to Modern Warfare 2 in season two after all. The announcement was initially made on Charlieintel’s Twitter account when some Twitter users replied to a tweet he previously made regarding Modern Warfare 2’s season two.

The official Call of Duty website has released some blog posts hinting about the new content that will come with season two. Sharing some of the new game modes, weapons, and changes that will come with season two, but Gunfight has not been mentioned in any of these announcements, leaving many players to speculate that the fan-favorite mode will not come to Modern Warfare 2 yet.

The developers kept some secrets to themselves, promising to release them on February 8, when they shared the final blog detailing all the additions and changes that season two will apply to the game.

Many fans of Modern Warfare 2019 were hoping to get a chance to experience the high-tension players and excitement that Gunfight offered when the prequel was released.

Some Modern Warfare 2 players feel like they got too little for a $70 game because the game launched with few maps, missing game modes, and many issues regarding the game’s stability and UI/UX design, leaving many players disappointed with the experience many were waiting since Modern Warfare 2019’s release.

The good news is that Modern Warfare 2 season two will bring Hardcore, ranked mode, new maps, and even five new weapons. Spicing up the game’s meta and current game mode and map roster. Modern Warfare 2 needs more content, and many players agree with this statement. The community has been vocal about the lack of content, and direct comparison to other titles makes it more clear.

If Modern Warfare 2 developers want to win back the fans, they will have to start delivering more content, and a few new weapons will not make the trick. Most Modern Warfare 2 fans want more maps, staple game modes, and features from past titles.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

- This article was updated on February 6th, 2023