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Halo 5 Probably Won’t Be Coming To PC, Says Phil Spencer

by Mike Guarino


While Microsoft has been making great strides in unifying the Xbox One and PC platforms with Microsoft games coming to both, at least one major Xbox One game will be staying put as a console exclusive.

Phil Spencer recently spoke during the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, where the chances of Halo 5 coming to PC were brought up. He said that “Halo 5 was shipped as a console game. If we’re going to [bring Halo to PC] moving forward then we’re going to plan on both platforms.”

He finishes by saying that “I don’t want to get into the world where we’re looking back… it doesn’t mean there’s nothing [in Halo 5] that could ever end up on PC, but I’d much rather look forward with what our plans are.”

Despite the lack of Halo 5 PC support, there are plenty of games on the horizon that will be getting a release on both platforms. One of the most notable is Forza 6 Apex, which is a free to play version of the game launching this Spring.

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