Halo Infinite Battle Royale Datamine Reveals Executions, Operations, and More Details

Codename Tatanka

by Chris Park


In the lead up to the eventual release of Halo Infinite there was plenty of chatter regarding a Battle Royale mode for the game.  A fad that largely exploded in the time that Halo Infinite was in development, it felt only natural that Microsoft jump into the Battle Royale genre with this popular series.  However, the launch of Halo Infinite has come and gone, and the multiplayer side of the game is still very much a work in progress.

Tatanka has a 100 Player Bot Mode

Halo Infinite multiplayer at launch was a bit bare bones and has bolstered itself through the addition of game modes mostly.  With the Season 2 of Halo Infinite just around the corner the core of Halo should get stronger with new maps and modes, but it looks like 343 Industries might have something bigger up their sleeves with game mode that’s codenamed “Tatanka,” according to Infinite Leaks on Twitter.   The leaker has posted a number of items regarding the Tatanka game mode and this includes some good news for Battle Royale fans.

It looks like there’s going to be multiple modes to play if this ever does release to the public:  Tatanka Duos, Tatanka Quads, Tatanka Default and Tatanka Default Bots were four of the game modes listed.  Other things discovered in the leak and then compiled over on Reddit:

There seems to be confirmation that the game will have drop pods, and the ability “execute” players.  Some are speculating that this an Apex Legends type of move to a downed enemy.  Alongside this there seem to be missions or objectives in game and different category types were discovered:  Capture, Supply, Run, Destroy, and Hoard.   The other big leak here is that Tatanka is going to have huge lobbies:  Tantaka with 100 Bots & Tatanka with 60 Bots… suggesting that you could see 60 and 100 player multiplayer multiplayer lobbies.

Will it release?  Does Halo Need a Battle Royale?

Whether or not Tatanka makes it to the game or as a separate thing entirely is anyone’s guess.  It’s clear that 343 is doing some type of testing on it though.

Halo fans are probably split down the middle on whether a Battle Royale is necessary in Halo or not, but it’s hard to deny that the core gameplay of Halo might fit very well with the popular genre.  Right now, 343 Industries is working on a number of things for Halo Infinite.  This includes online co-op aspects, forge, and the improvements to the multiplayer experience in the game with new cosmetics, rewards and the like.  Whether or not Tatanka is as high on the priority list of keeping the fan base engaged is hard to tell.  A fall release maybe to keep Halo relevant into its second year?

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